Jetbrains Rider - Coming of Age

While I was not looking JetBrains Rider got good, properly good!

Jetbrains Rider is a full-fat, cross-platform C# IDE. It started with Resharper (a Visual Studio plugin), then out-grew being a plugin -- added itself to the IntelliJ family.

So what is it that is good exactly?

What I like

  • More consistent user interface. VS has grown organically, Rider feels designed.
  • Resharper in it natural habitat.
  • Exactly the same experience in Linux and Windows
  • Faster: Resharper got too big to be a plugin. There is no reason to run 2x analysis engines with a complete copy of the code DOM.

There was a time when I said to my team that Life Without ReSharper was Meaningless. Obviously, in jest, but an indispensable tool.

Rider works wonferfully on linux. As such, it is now my daily driver. Especially, as I prefer a full-fat IDE to the leaner Visual Studio Code.