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SokoSolve Update: 2020-12

Covid-lockdown #2 has given me the time and motivation to get SokoSolve into a stable place; enough to write-up the project and possibility make a explanitory video.

What A Great Time To Be A Geek - #WAGTTBAG

What an intoxicating time to be a geek. There is a cornucopia of new ideas and toys to play with. The time for indulgent learning – learning just for the sake of it – is at hand. Rejoice.

Gifts for a Geek

This is not sponsored. Its just stuff I like and I am a geek. :-)

Coding Challenges / Projects

Doing coding challenges has above all been fun, and long the way I have learned a lot and expanded my programming/languages horizon.

.NET Performance in 2020

It seems like a good time to conduct a census of performance topics in .NET for the new decade.

My Bookshelf

The books that I am reading and occasionally a mini-review or rating. C#, Perf, dotnet.

Turns out, unsurprisingly, that covid lockdown is a good time to read a lot.

SokoSolve - Sokoban Solver (and game clients)

I have been intermittently working on Sokoban for years. It is fun to return every couple of years and breath some life back into it.

Sokoban solving is a interesting domain with very simple rules but with a search complexity comparible to Chess.

On the Shoulders of Giants: Anders Hejlsberg

What an incredible career! I can safely say that no other person has had as big an impact on my technical life. Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C#, TypeScript. Any other mortal would be content with just ONE of these globally influential languages.

On the Shoulders of Giants

I am proud of my career, but these individuals are complete HEROs. This is a deeply person list, and this exercise is my way of saying thank-you by trying to formalise their impact on my life over the years.

A journey into Retro land

The BBC Micro Model B is special to me as it was one of my first computers. After 25 years, I recently re-purchased one.

My gateway drug was a BBC Micro Model B, a ZX Spectrum and a nameless CPM ten-tonne monster. So as young kid, without knowing what a computer really was, I taught myself. It grew into a life-long passion and has provided me with an education and career. As I grew-up, so did the computer industry; information-technology went from the periphery of society to the pervasive center of modern life.

Tower of Babel

Computer languages designed to mess with your head.

.NET Process Maximum Memory

The maximum allocatable size of a .NET process depends on the following factors: CPU, OS, 32/64 EXE header, GC

Jetbrains Rider - Coming of Age

Coming Soon...

While I was not looking JetBrains Rider got good, properly good!

lang X sucks, use Y instead

Coming Soon...

Any content in the form “language/tech X sucks, you
must use Y” – please don’t be that person.

On the Shoulders of Giants: Hanselmann

Coming Soon...

blogger, podcasts, videos, generally-the-best-tech-demos for dotNet

MSBuild Conference 2020 got me motivated

Coming Soon...

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