lang X sucks, use Y instead

Any content in the form “language/tech X sucks, you
must use Y” – please don’t be that person.

Twitter, YouTube, etc is full of this kind of content and comment. Please don’t do this – no matter how frustrated you feel.

We should rather say “lang X’s great for xxx, but I prefer Y”.

It comes down to respect and acknowledging our technical echo-chamber.
• Respect the effort/time of those who build and maintain the technology
• Respect those who have invested a lot of time in that technology
• Even old tech has valuable lessons for us today
• Tech has fashion cycles, they wax and wane. Something like JavaScript once much maligned can rise like a phoenix to great heights.
• Many of us love tech because we feel empowered by our knowledge and mastery of the machine – but that is a dangerous drug.
• A person takes years to learning their technical stack and its philosophy; but only seconds to pass judgement on another.

Software Paradox: Never Reinvent The Wheel – embrace and extend; vs Start A-Fresh – take the second-mover advantage. There is no really good answer here, both approaches help us move forward.