Coding Challenges / Projects

Doing coding challenges has above all been fun, and long the way I have learned a lot and expanded my programming/languages horizon.

If you are a professional programmer, then you know the burden of deadlines, technical debt, corporate coding guidelines -- can take away the joy of code. Coding Challenges will bring back the love...

If you are just starting to code, or are a jaded master, doing recreational coding challenges will make you happier.

Have any suggestions? What are you favourites? Add a comment below!

Level 1: The Classics

Level 10: With a little more commitment/time/deadication

Level 10:Crazy Renderers / Music Players

Level 100: Epic Stuff


Coding Challenge sites

I am thankful for a friend of mine, Justin, who introduced my to the online community of coding challenge sites.

Content Creators

My Pet Projects: Sokoban Solver

Sokoban, which grew into SokoSolve